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Inquire A Nudist Has Been Established!
Question A Nudist – Nudist Portal has been actively reaching out to the younger generation through hosting events for young people and building wholesome naturist websites.
Within the previous month, FKK established Request A Naturist ™ at, a Q&A database where the people can ask questions about nudism and get solutions nearly instantly through a large social network of naturists.
FKK is in contact with the American Association for Nude Recreation to request sponsorship of AAN because of the popularity of this site. FKK’s parent site is located at:
Request A Naturist
Local radio station KROQ (106.7 FM) aired a live radio segment on January 19 called, Ask A Nudist on its Kevin and Bean Show.
Lindsey and Jake were the nudist guests, representing Vita Nuda West , a young person’s group organized on the west coast who believe in “be young, be joyful, be nude, be proud of who you are”.
Kevin and Bean have aired nudist themes previously, nonetheless, this was their first show about naturism at large, no not fat.
In the show Kevin redundantly stated his theory “naturist equals fatand old” and “most folks believe naturists are consistently the kind of folks you don’t want to see unclothed.”
Lindsey broke that stereotype with her witty personality, pointing out that naturism is of everyone and it’s about diversity and body acceptance.

At one point Kevin accused her of being a hired actor since she was “too good looking to be a nudist.” Both Lindsey and Jake did an exceptional job.
Request a naturist
Ever the comic strip, Kevin said his biggest fear going to your Nudestock is “I ‘d be Woodstock.” Replied Jake: “I personally have never seen an erectionwe get that it occurs but we simply don’t want you pointing them at everybody”. phoned in to ask questions. One man, Aaron, had insecurities about how big his manhood. Another girl, Tina, was concerned how Lindsey and Jake’s family members felt towards their activism in naturism.
Other questions: “Don’t you ever get frightened when you are a show-er and not a grower?” “How have your friends and family reacted to this lifestyle?” “Is it painful to go browsing nude?”
All these questions were discussed in the radio segment and also replied on To hear the show, go to
The nudist interviews starts 62 minutes in the podcast .
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