A Look Back At The Jackie Kennedy Naked Beach Photo Scandal

The Nude Beach Pictures of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and a Scandal That Rocked The World
The Story of the Naked Pictures Of Jackie Kennedy – Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ name is synonymous with style and class.
http://modestperson.com/views/many-occassions-purposely-chosen-nude.php isn’t the type of person that one immediately thinks of when considering the star figures who’d allow nude photos of themselves to be taken. However, graphics of the iconic girl have surfaced recently.

Aristotle Onassis Weds Jackie Kennedy
This nude photographs of Jackie Kennedy (or “Jackie O” as she was understood at the time) were found among the belongings of the late Andy Warhol.
Jackie had sent the autographed photos to him privately as a joke.
A Naked Jackie Kennedy Onassis Photograph at the Unclothed Beach
The photos were taken of her while she was seeing a unclothed beach in 1973. Her late husband Aristotle Socrates Onassis was responsible for encouraging the paparazzi to take the images of the bare beauty.
It truly is believed that he had this done from malice because of Jackie’s dearth of curiosity about shows off for naked picturesfor him to show his buddies.
Jackie Kennedy NakedPicture At The NudeBeach
During their union, their problems and marital issues were constantly being brought to the general public’s attention by Aristotle. He flourished on making Jackie look bad before the media and belittled her at every chance.
Their private arguments were constantly being splashed in the news. All this was thanks to the efforts of Onassis and his destructive behaviour.
He consistently tipped the paparazzi about places where he could be photographed with his mistress all in the attempts of further humiliating Jackie and punishing her for not behaving in the manner that he desired.
It was a news storm that stopped their marriage. Onassis wasn’t a supporting husband and continued to carry on his issues with Maria Callas during his marriage to Jackie.
Within a few weeks after they wed, he left her on her own while he toured around Europe for two weeks. She became http://modestperson.com/views/not-having-to-wear-those-annoying-bikinis-or-swimsuits.php and distressed.
Greek Tycoon Aristotle Onassis With Mistress Maria Callas
He was involved in matters after finding letters written to another man by Jackie. Creating a smear strategy to destroy her public image, Aristotle tipped the paparazzi to the location of the unclothed beach in Skorpios where Jackie could be found sunbathing.
The resultant naked pictures first appeared within an Italian magazine and then were published by Hustler magazine. The report and photos were in all the papers in New York. One magazine gave her the well-known nickname, “Billion Dollar Bush.” It also changed Jackie’s kids naturally, and her son John was bullied at school because of this ordeal.
It really is said that Jackie instantly ordered her husband to sue all the photographers and publications for this invasion of her privacy. She apparently did not know at first that he was behind the whole thing.
The unclothed photos were the excuse that Aristotle Onassis used to rationalize his divorce from this cherished celebrityfigure.
His efforts to destroy Jackie fell short as she was still considered a cherished public figure and celebrityin the eye of the general public.
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